Due to the fact that Helsinki is still in the community transmission phase, and the general restrictions for the metropolitan area continue to apply, Arcada's instructions to prevent the spread of infection will continue to apply until 31.1. The goal of the restrictions is to avoid further spread of COVID-19 and a total closure of the campus.  

The restrictions that apply in January are: 

- The campus continues to be closed to all external guests and visitors. Only Arcada's own staff and students have access to campus. The main entrance stays closed, and only students and staff may enter the building using their own key (weekdays 7 a.m.-20:45, weekends 9-17:30) 

- All teaching takes place remotely. Exceptions are exams and practical exercises that are critically necessary to avoid that the students' studies are delayed. For these exceptions, all groups are limited to 10 people (9 students + one teacher / supervisor). Safety distances (2 m) must be observed and face masks must be used unless special reasons prevent it. If you have on-campus classes you will receive detailed instruction from your teachers. 

- We encourage students to minimise your stay on campus during this time, but please stay in touch with each other and with staff. If you need someone to talk to, you can find contact details to Arcada’s support services here. 

- As for now, the lunch restaurant is closed. A decision on the opening of the lunch restaurant will be made later this month. 

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