Due to the accelerating spread of infection in the capital region, which means that Helsinki is now in the spreading phase, the government has on 26 November published new regulations and guidelines. In line with the new instructions, Arcada is now also updating its instructions for the coming weeks, 30.11—15.12. 

We tighten the regulations in the hope of being able to maintain the most necessary activities on campus. Only by now really focusing on the most crucial things can we hopefully avoid a widespread infections in society and total closure of the campus. 

Until 15.12.2020, the following applies: 

  • The campus is closed to all external visitors and guests. Only Arcada's own students and staff have access to the main building and other campus facilities. This means that the doors at the main entrance are closed and only students and staff with their own keys can enter the building. You can enter the building with your flex key on weekdays from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m, on weekends from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.


  • All teaching takes place remotely. On-campus teaching will, if possible, be postponed or, exceptionally, moved online. Exceptions that can be carried out on campus are exams and exercises that are critically necessary for the students in order for them to complete their studies, be able to complete an internship (practical training) during the following period or to avoid the students' studies being delayed by an entire period. For exceptions that can take place on campus if necessary, all groups are limited to 10 people (9 students + one teacher / supervisor) and face masks must be used unless special reasons prevent it. If you have on-campus classes you will receive detailed instructions from your teachers. 


  • We encourage students to minimise your stay on campus during this time. The library will still be available for lending. 


  • Also note that the lunch restaurant tries to stay open, but only serves take-away portions. The restaurant will serve take away lunch at least until the 8th of December. Lunch is sold at 11:30 am to 1 p.m. Avoid crowds and queues around the restaurant and the squares. 

These new regulations are an addition to the previous instructions given for the autumn. Through these new measures, Arcada wants to ensure a safe study and work environment. As a UAS, Arcada wants to help stop the spread of infection throughout society. Therefore, everyone must bear their personal responsibility and do what we can to limit the spread of infection. 

But we urge you all to continue to keep in touch with us and with each other, and to take care of yourself and each other - even if it now has to happen mostly via digital communication. 

On Friday, the capital region's corona coordination group published its own restrictions, and Arcada's guidelines are in line with them. The UAS’s management actively monitors the situation.