The capital region's corona coordination group will meet on Thursday due to the increasing spread of infection in the area to decide on new restrictions and instructions. Arcada is actively following the situation and will publish more information for students here at Start on Friday. The new instructions will also ensure that all students have the opportunity to complete their studies.

We all work together to keep the campus open and our activities here running as far as possible. Due to the negative development that has taken place in the capital region, we as a UAS want to actively work and contribute to ensuring that the spread of infection does not worsen further.

The instructions Arcada has published so far are within the framework of the general guidelines and regulations that have been issued. When the new decisions regarding the situation in the capital region are published, our instructions will also be reviewed. Therefore, please actively follow the information published on Start to stay up to date on the situation.

All news concerning the pandemic can be found here.