The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare has divided the epidemic into different stages. Arcada follows the regional recommendations for each phase and always updates the instructions when necessary.

The Helsinki region is currently in the acceleration stage of the epidemic. For Arcada, this means that the instructions for the autumn semester due to the corona pandemic are still appropriate, not too restrictive and continue to be in force. As things look at the moment, Arcada’s hybrid model for the education and all other activities at the UAS will continue through period three and four. If the infection situation in the region changes, Arcada will of course act accordingly and update our instructions.

We also remind you that each and every one of us is responsible for their own actions and for contributing to a safe student environment. If we all follow the instructions given, we can secure the necessary activities on campus.

Remember the most important instructions:

  • Do not come to campus if you have symptoms typical of COVID-19.
  • All lectures take place online. Practical exercises, lab work and other activities that require attendance can be arranged on campus in small groups.
  • Use a face mask when visiting campus and especially when sufficient safety distance (1,5-2 m) cannot be maintained.
  • Take responsibility for good hand and cough hygiene.

We encourage you to please repeat the instructions for the autumn and the recommendation about use of face masks.