Illustration of Arcada's strategy

Arcada’s strategy aiming at 2030 has now been launched. The strategy, called Arcada at the forefront – We put education and culture to work for a rewarding and sustainable life, will be fully implemented from 2021. 

Arcadas vision in the new strategy is to be an active Swedish-language educational institution in a multicultural society. The environment of the UAS must be based on equality, openness and reliable quality. 

These are some of Arcada's goals aiming at 2030: 

  • All programmes offer opportunities for project work in collaboration with the UAS's partners in the Helsinki region.

  • In all programmes, it is possible to participate in Nordic networks

  • Arcada is part of five Nordic research and development projects where students can participate and where doctoral studies are possible for Arcada's alumni

  • All programmes prepare for a working life where technical, digital and autonomous systems are part of the work processes

  • The technical programmes contribute to and collaborate with all of Arcada's educational areas

  • The UAS offers lifelong career support through e.g. counselling and continuing professional development

Attached here below you can find a PDF that illustrates the new strategy.