According to the government’s decision, the universities will open their campuses starting 14.5. Arcada will carry out the re-opening in phases and the spring semester will be completed online. The staff will follow the government’s recommendation of continued remote working. Please read the guidelines for each phase below. 

The planned phases and guidelines will be adjusted if necessary if new national restrictions or instructions are given. Compass Group that runs our student restaurant will not open until mid August. 

We remind you of good hand hygiene and that under no circumstances are you allowed to come to campus with cold symptoms. If you are in a risk group or share a household with a person who is in a risk group for the COVID-19 virus please be extra careful and avoid coming to campus as long as the risk of infection is imminent. 

Phase 1: 14.5–30.5 

Note! Restrictions that are in effect: a maximum of 10 people may be in the same place at once. 

  • All teaching continues online throughout the spring semester and courses are completed online. 

  • The staff continues to work remotely. 

  • You as a student do not yet have access to the campus. 

Phase 2: 1.6–10.7 

Note! Restrictions that are in effect: a maximum of 50 people may stay in the same place at once. 

  • Summer courses are arranged online. If you have registered for a summer course, you will be given detailed instructions by the course coordinator. 

  • The library is open every Monday at 14-17:30 for lending and returning material. Please contact the library no later than the previous Friday via E-mail: to be able to visit the library. Students should call 0294 282 690 to be let in. 

  • If you need access to campus to complete your thesis work or other projects, please contact your thesis supervisor or the teacher of the course. 

Phase 3: 1.8–31.8 
  • Campus will be open for both students and staff. 

  • Please check Start for updated information before returning to campus after summer. 

  • We recommend that you visit the campus only if you have tasks that cannot be handled remotely. 

  • The library is open from 10.8. Self-service between 7.00-21.30, staff available 10-16.