In order to best ensure the opportunities for you as a student to complete your courses, the education at Arcada  continue normally until further notice. Until further notice, Arcada's campus will remain open in accordance with the instructions of the authorities and in line with the joint decision of the UAS's. Some of Arcada's courses will be conducted remotely (online) when possible. If it becomes necessary for your courses, you will receive information through emails from the course examiner.

Remember to always take other students and staff into consideration by washing your hands regularly, staying at home if you have cold symptoms, and following other general instructions to reduce the spread of infection. In this way, you especially protect people in risk groups (pregnant, elderly or people with medical conditions such as diabetes, asthma or cardiovascular disease, people with reduced immune systems or close relatives of people with reduced immune systems) to be exposed to possible infection.

Practical training

If you are currently on practical training in a workplace, you should complete the practical training normally as planned, but be careful to follow the instructions by the workplace and the Institute for Health and Welfare guidelines. The same applies if you start practical training soon. Our goal is that your studies can progress according to plan. If the workplace where you are doing your practical training closes or interrupts your practical training period, you should contact your amanuensis immediately (see contact details here).

Practical training in social and health care

Each hospital district in Finland has its own guidelines on practical training. Arcada has an active dialogue with the districts and we always follow their regulations.

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