The past year has been challenging in many ways. Due to the corona pandemic, Arcada has had to reorganise how programmes are being carried out with many of our activities taking place online instead of on campus. Now, as we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, it is our intention to resume activities on campus next autumn to the largest extent possible. 

Therefore, we would like to start by saying that we are eager to welcome you back to campus in autumn 2021. All students who are in Finland will take part in blended learning. This means that many of the big lectures will be held online for everyone whereas lectures in smaller groups, group assignments and workshops will mostly be on campus. For those unable to attend on campus due to restrictions imposed by the authorities, all compulsory lectures will be live streamed or alternative methods for completing the course will be available. 

We strongly encourage all of you to arrive in Finland and at Arcada for the first study period. On campus you will have full access to different services again, such as the library, the student restaurant, learning environments, etc. 

Please check your email for information that specifically applies to your degree programme! If you have not received an email or have any questions, please contact your amanuensis or

*Disclaimer: This plan has been made in accordance with current restrictions. Arcada reserves the right to make changes in how programmes are carried out if the situation changes due to the coronavirus.