In accordance with the government’s decision, Arcada will close its campus from 18.3 and move all courses and activities online until 13.4. This means that 
staff and student will not have access to the Arcada building during that time. 

All courses will be held remotely (online), with the exception of a few where we willseek other solutions. You will receive more information regarding your courses fromyour lecturers.  Information is provided through Itslearning and email. 

Please check your Arcada email, Itslearning and Start regularly for updates on the situation. 

If you have any questions, please contact your amanuensis: 

Enoksson, Maria / Health and Welfare: 0294 282 572,
Programmes: Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Sports and Health promotion, Social services, Health Promotion  

Falcao, Elina / Energy and Materials Technology: 0294 282 581,
Programmes: Energy and Environmental Engineering,  Materials Processing Technology (Process- och materialteknik)  

Genberg, Camilla / Business Management and Analytics: 0294 282 672,
Programmes: Business Administration, International Business, Information Technology, International Business Management (Master), Big Data Analytics (Master)  

Löv, Monica / Culture and Media: 0294 282 568,
Programmes: Film and Media, Cultural Management, Media Management (Master)  

Åkermarck, Erica / Healthcare: 0294 282 809,
Programmes: Midwifery, Emergency Care, Public Health Care, Nursing (Sjukskötare)