Train in a gym with a view over the entire Arabianranta! The Arcadahallen’s gym is located on the seventh floor and it has been designed for the purposes of both professional athletes and regular fitness fans.

The gym features state-of-the-art equipment, providing a place for balanced and varied exercise. The gym has training equipment, free weights and benches and racks, so it suits the needs of both functional training and more traditional exercise methods.

It is now possible to buy a gym membership. They can at the moment only be bought from Jacob Jungell ( or 0294 282 553.

The membership is for a given time period and you'll be provided with information of therms and availability of the gym when you contact Jacob. You have to comply with the terms in the user guide: External link

The gym can be used during the opening hours of Arcadahallen and it fits effectively 20 users at the same time. There might be ongoing education or groups using the gym. You can still use the gym as you don't interfer and if you fit in.

The membership for 30 days is 20€, 90 days 50€ and 180 days 80€.