Due to a scheduled and required maintenance within the power grid at the Arcada, all IT-services within Arcada will be unavailable 26.6 between 8 a.m -1 p.m.. All power is down in the main building, which means that lights won't function nor will there be running water during the power outage. Hence, the main building is closed.

In practise this will affect all IT-services used and produced within Arcada. The network, intra catalogue and home folders will all be unavailable. Web-based services as Asta, Insight, www.arcada.fi, intra.arcada.fi and start.arcada.fi will be unreachable during the maintenance break.

This outage will also affect IT-services produced via external vendors that are using login services produced by Arcada. Affected services outside Arcada will be:

  • Itslearning
  • Office365
  • Aditro Travel
  • IMS

Power will be up and running by 1 p.m. and the main building will open then.