Would you like to have your study schedule in your phone and get updates about changes to the schedule in real-time? What if you could search and enroll to courses in the same application? You would probably also want information about the day's lunch menu at the same time, right? This is now reality for all Arcada students!

We are pleased to announce that Arcada has joined forces with Tuudo, a mobile application designed to make your everyday studies easier. Within Tuudo, you can e.g.:

  • See your schedule
  • Get real-time updates about changes to your schedule
  • Search and enroll to courses
  • Keep up with how your studies are progressing (access to credits, ongoing and upcoming courses and study attainments). Please note that the study data is available in the app about 1-2 days after they are registered in ASTA.
  • Read news and posts from start, ASK and the blog inside.arcada.fi
  • Navigate on campus through maps
  • See the week’s lunch menu
  • Search on timetables for public transportation
  • Get information about other study related services at Arcada

How to install Tuudo

You can download Tuudo from Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS). When you have completed the installation and opened the app, choose Arcada from the list of universities. Then, log in with your Arcada account. You only have to log in the first time.

Questions and feedback

In case you have any questions or want to give feedback about Tuudo, you can do so by mailing us at E-mail: tuudo@arcada.fi. All feedback is welcome! If your matter concerns technical difficulties within the app itself, you can contact Tuudo directly by using the “Contact us”-section in the menu within the application.

We hope the app will make your study life better!