User Account and Password

For using Arcada’s IT Services and Education tools, you will get your own personal IT User Account. When you accept your study place in Arcada, a User Account is automatically created for you in our system. All you need to do then is to activate it and set up a password. We recommend you to activate and manage your User Account at AAS, Arcada Account Services.

If you haven't yet activated the User Account or if you have lost the password, you can log in to AAS using a Netbanking authentication service of any Finnish bank, a Finnish electronic ID, a mobile certificate, or using an active user account at some other Finnish university through Haka login.

At the start of each semester, IT support will have a service point physically and online, where you can acquire your User Account by presenting a valid ID (driver's license or passport).

Should you not be able to use any of the options above, please contact E-mail:


Do you want to change your password? - Go to AAS External link, log in and choose Change password

Have you forgotten your password? - Go to AAS External link and choose Reset Password.

Do you need to acquire an Arcada IT-account and password? - Go to AAS External link and choose to Activate IT account

The IT-account

As an Arcada student, you will have a user account consisting of a username (login) and a password.

You are personally responsible for the user account and password. By using Arcada's IT-services you confirm that you have read and agreed to the IT rules and policies. In case the user should break the law or Arcada's IT rules, the IT unit has the right to immediately lock the user account for a maximum period of two months.

Your account will be valid throughout your entire study time at Arcada. The account will be disabled 4 weeks after the study right has terminated.

Your Arcada user account and password should not be used to sign up to other web pages or IT services outside Arcada.

Please note that you may under no circumstances hand out your user name or password to anyone, not even IT-personnel or administrators.

IT does not require or ever will ask your Password to fix anything in your Account.