Tutoring teacher

When you begin studying at Arcada you create a study plan that you evaluate every year. The amanuensis of your institution will give you advice about the study plan. Progress sessions with the tutoring teacher are held annually to monitor and support your progress.

Below are some things that you as a student have to consider when evaluating your studies:

  • How the studies have progressed
  • Expectations for the coming semester
  • Adjustment to student life
  • Quality of the study plan, eg: Is it detailed enough and realistic?
  • Study obstacles and solutions
  • Successes
  • Evaluation of one's abilities and skills, and how they can be beneficial to study and work life.
  • Issues or areas requiring improvement
  • Future tasks/ activities or plans

Student tutors

Tutors are a group of students selected to ease the introduction of the academic year especially for freshmen. Tutors help out with finding the way in Arcada, studies as well as student life in general. During the beginning of the academic year the Tutors arrange a variety of events to help out with the familiarizing process between freshmen.

To become a tutor you need to fill out an application form and hand it in to ASK. Visit www.asken.fi for more information.