Congratulations and welcome to Arcada University of Applied Sciences!

At this particular web page, you will be able to find all the important details about the Introduction Days. Please, read carefully the information below and check this web-site from time to time as new information may be added throughout the summer.

We wish you a warm welcome to Arcada University of Applied Sciences and fantastic study time!

Introduction Days 

Your journey will begin with the Introduction Days on the 26 and 27th of August 2019 at Arcada UAS! 

During the Introduction Days, you will be provided with all the necessary information you need to know to ensure a smooth start of your studies at Arcada! The programme of the Introduction Days could be found below.

Programme - Day 1, 26 August

Degree & Open Path students: 

  09:30  11:15 - Short tour of the building / Meeting tutors and fellow students / IT-account and keys 
11:30 – 13:00 - Welcome to Arcada
13:00 – 14.00 Lunch
14:00 – 15:00 
- Students from abroad: Living and Studying in Finland 
  - Local students: Benefits of Internationalisation at Home
Nursing students: Course registration (until 16:00) 
15:00 – onward - Evening Social gathering with the Student Union

Exchange students: 

  09.45 Meeting by the info desk
10.00-11.00 - Exchange-specific information
11:00-13.00 Course registrations
 13.00-14.00 Lunch
14:00-15:00 Living and studying in Finland 
15:00 - onward - Evening Social gathering with the Student Union

Programme - Day 2, 27 August

Day 2 of the Introduction Days is degree programme-specific. The timetable varies depending on your study department. Thus, you will get detailed information about it during Day 1.

- International Business (Department of Business Management and Analytics):

10.00-11.00 à Big square (It-accounts, keys & forms)
11.00-12.00 à Big auditorium (Welcome to Arcada and the Department)
12.00-12.30 à Big auditorium (Information about the Student Union ASK)
12.30-13.00 à room E383 (Asta ARBS, Itslearning with Camilla Genberg)
13.00-13.30 à room E383 (Outlook, Tuudo, Office365 etc. with Janne Nyberg)
13.30-14.30 à Lunch
14.30-15.30 à rum: Small auditorium (information about the degree programme – Susanna Fabricius)

- Materials Processing Technology (Department of Energy and Materials Technology):

10.00-11.00    Welcome to the department of Energy and Materials Technology, Big Square and D4107-08
11.00-12.00    Programme specific presentation, D4107-08
12.00-13.00    LUNCH        
13.00-14.30    Schedules, IT, keys and forms, F365
14.30-15.30    ASK Studerandekår, Big auditorium

Nursing (Department of Healthcare):
8:30 - 16:00 - Competence Assessment (E4)

After the Introduction Days, you will be ready to start your studies and the regular tuition, lessons will begin from 28th of August.

                             We are looking forward to seeing you at August!
Additional Information
  • Arcada Student Union – ASK provides all new students with tutors! The tutors will support you to start your studies at Arcada UAS. You will meet your tutors during the Introduction Day 1, on the 26th August.
    The tutors are also available to help you already during the summer through the Facebook groups. Please, find a link to your Facebook group in the Welcome letter you received via email. 
Welcome words from our rector

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The Academic year 2019-2020

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International Degree Students

This page is designed for international degree students at Arcada! Here you could find all the necessary information that is of special value to our foreign students, including useful tips related to living and studying in Finland.

User Account and Password

For using Arcada’s IT services, you will have a personal IT User Account. We recommend you to acquire and manage your User Account at AAS, Arcada Account Services, where you log in using your User Account.

Keys to Campus

Your electronic flex key is personal and allows you to access Arcadas classrooms and computer rooms weekdays from 7.00-21.30 and weekends from 9.00-17.30, see

Studentbostäder - Majstranden

Accommodation in the Helsinki Metropolitan area

On this page you can find information on where you can find accommodation in the Helsinki Metropolitan area. Remember to read the information on the websites carefully before applying for an apartment.

Helsinki as a student city

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