Students who have lost their right to study (applicable to students admitted August 1, 2015 or later), shall, as a general rule, take all the remaining courses through Open Studies, and apply for renewed right to study before doing their practical training, the methodology course and thesis. Renewed right to study may be granted if the student presents a realistic plan for the completion of the remaining studies. The studies should be completed in no longer than 1.5 years. The plan must be approved by the programme director

Renewed right to study may be granted only once; exceptions can be made only for situations in life that can be proven by medical certificates. Students who have been granted renewed right to study may not apply for extended right to study, nor register as absent. For more information, please contact

A student who is dissatisfied with the decision on his/her application for renewed right to study may seek correction of it by the Board of Review of the University of Applied Sciences within 14 days of being informed of the decision.

Students at the Department of Healthcare: 

If it has been over two years since one or more of the required prerequisite courses have been completed, the student should demonstrate sufficient knowledge before participating in the practical training. The student should achieve approved results in the course or its practical exercises.

Did your right to study start before August 1, 2015, or did you cancel your enrollment yourself?

You may apply for a new right to study in a separate application that is currently being developed. More information will be published later this spring.