As a student, you can lose the right to study in two ways:

1. You fail to register for the academic year. In accordance with Arcada’s degree statutes, you may apply for re-enrollment External link. Please note that re-enrollment is only granted for the academic year you failed to register.

Please note that you cannot enroll to courses or earn credits if you have not registered for the academic year. This means you may miss important courses, so please make sure you register well in time before the academic year starts.

2. You did not complete your studies within the prescribed time period. The Rector may, however, grant you extended right to study while your study right is active. Please note that extended study right is not automatically approved because of e.g. military service or parental leave. Students should instead use the possibility to register as absent.

If you did not apply for re-enrollment the same academic year or apply for extended study right while you still have an active study right, you may apply for renewed right to study provided that you fulfill the requirements.