According to the Law on Polytechnics 24§, a student is to conclude their studies within a time period that is, at the most, one year longer than the time period prescribed for the degree programme. Consequently the maximum period of study for a student at a degree programme consisting of:

Number of credits Maximum period of study (normative period + extra year)
210 credits 4.5 years (3.5 + 1)
240 credits 5 years (4 + 1)
90 credits (part-time) 4 years (3 + 1)
90 credits (full-time) 2,5 years (1,5 + 1)
60 credits (part-time) 3 years (2 + 1)
60 credits (full-time) 2 years (1 + 1)

If you are not able to complete your studies within the maximum period of study you can submit an Application for extended right to study. Extended right to study can be granted if the student presents a realistic plan for the completion of the remaining studies. The studies should be completed in no longer than 1.5 years. The plan must be approved by the programme director or amanuensis before you submit your application to Student Affairs.

The application period is separately announced in the e-mail you will receive when you are consuming the last two periods of your maximum period of study. It is therefore important for you to keep your contact information updated. Your contact information can be updated here External link.

You can only apply for extended right to study while your right to study is still in effect. If you are granted an extended right to study, you may not register as absent. The application fee is 50 euros. No applications will be considered before the fee is paid. Please enclose a receipt of the payment to your application.

You can only be granted extended study right once. Exceptions can be made only for situations in life that can be proven by medical certificates.

A student who is dissatisfied with the decision on his/her application for extended right to study may seek correction of it by the Board of Review of the University of Applied Sciences within 14 days of being informed of the decision.

Application period
Autumn 2021 4.11 - 18.11.2021
Spring 2022 1.4 - 22.4.2022