Where can I study?

Arcada’s students have different options when deciding to study abroad. We recommend that you choose to study in one of our partner institution but you can also study abroad in some other university as a freemover.

Partner institutions

You can find a list of partner institutions for each programme in our partner institution database. Search for partner institutions External link.

  • To find out where you can go on exchange, search for partner institutions according to your degree programme at Arcada.
  • Click on the univeristy's name to get more information and to find out if we have an Erasmus, a Nordplus or a Bilateral agreement with that university.
  • In the database you can also find travel reports written by students who have already been on exchange. Click on the univeristy's name and then travel report to see if any student has already written a travel report of that university. By reading the travel reports you can familiarize with your host university before your exchange.


Arcada participates in the Erasmus+ programme and has Erasmus agreements with many European universities. Students who are going on Erasmus exchange will receive Erasmus grant. For more information about the Erasmus programme and grants see Erasmus.


Some of Arcada’s partners are Nordplus partners. Nordplus is Nordic Council of Ministers’ programme. Read more about Nordplus grant under Grants.

Bilateral agreements with universities outside of the European Union

Arcada has some bilateral agreements with universities outside of Europe. Students going on exchange to one of Arcada's partner institutions outside of Europe can get an Arcada grant. More information about the Arcada grants can be found here.


You can go on an exchange to one of our partner universities or go to a non-partner university as a freemover. Freemover exchange means that you are going on exchange to a university that Arcada does not have an exchange agreement with. As a freemover you will be applying directly for an exchange place at the university you have chosen. If you choose to do a freemover exchange you have to find information about the host institution and their application process yourself. You should contact the institution you are interested in yourself and ask if they accept freemover exchange. As a freemover you won't get any grant from Arcada and you might also have to pay tuition fees if there are any. Also freemovers should fill in Arcada's exchange application and Learning Agreement. There are different organizations that offer help to freemovers. Read more about the different organizations through the links below.