This check list will help you with exchange preparations.

I have:

  • Received an e-mail confirmation and/or a Letter of Acceptance of my study abroad from the host university
  • Handed in a copy of my Learning Agreement signed by all three parties to the International Coordinator
  • Returned my grant application (Erasmus, Arcada or Nordplus) to the International Coordinator
  • Informed about the changes in my present financial aid situation to Kela through Kela’s eServices
  • Taken an additional travel insurance, which is valid during the whole exchange period
  • Applied for the European Health Insurance Card from Kela (EU and ETA countries)
  • Found out about residence permit or visa requirements of the host country. Visa is not necessary in EU countries for EU citizens.
  • (If you go on practical training) Found out with the embassy of the country of destination if I need a work permit.
  • Received all needed vaccinations and vaccination certificates
  • Arranged my housing (domestic and abroad)
  • Submitted a notification of move for to the Local Register Office (magistrat).
  • Checked that my passport is valid for the period I intend to stay abroad.
    Note! Some countries require that the passport is valid 6 months after your departure! Some EU countries only require an ID certificate, but it is advisable to have the passport with you in case you travel during your stay to other countries where it is requested.
  • Saved ICE In case of emergency number(s) in my phone
  • Registered that I can find travel info on the safety situation in different countries (in Finnish and Swedish) on the website of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Finland
  • Received the information that I can do a travel notification (Matkustusilmoitus/Reseanmälan) through the website of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Finland
  • Written a power of attorney in case I need to take care of something in Finland during my exchange
  • Enrolled myself as present at Arcada during the exchange period
  • Booked my tickets
  • Read about the host city and country

Try to be open-minded and remember to use your common sense while being abroad.

Enjoy and good luck!