The following members of staff are included in the physiotherapy team during the academic year 2014-2015 and are responsible for the education in physiotherapy. Additional staff contributes with their expert knowledge in the structure of the curriculum, as also the members of the physiotherapy team have other tasks and education at other programmes in the institution.

Our principal areas of responsibility in the Physiotherapy Programme

Thomas Hellstén, Physiotherapist, B4, +358 207 699 531, thomas.hellsten@arcada.fiTeacher tutor for year 2,

Linnéa von Hedenberg-Löfman, Physiotherapist, B4, +358 207 699 536,

Anne Kokko, MMSc, Physiotherapist, B4, +358 207 699 515,
Education in the elementary physiotherapy, physiotherapeutic assessment and methods (PNF-techniques), rehabilitation, neurological physiotherapy, knowledge development within physiotherapy. Supervisor in practical training III. Supervisor and teacher tutor for year 1. International contact person in the physiotherapy programme.

Joachim Ring, Physiotherapist (MSc), Programme Director, B4, +358 207 699 425,
Education in physiotherapeutic assessment and methods (muscle movement and stretching, measuring and analysing human movement), clinical physiotherapy with focus on respiratory and circulatory systems. Supervisor in practical training I/II/III/IV. Responsible for the test laboratory,

Maria Enoksson, Amanuensis, B4, +358 207 699 572,