The re-examination system (exams, maturity exams, directions and registration) can be found in ASTA under the Re-exam menu

According to the schedule in ASTA External link, re-examinations are held usually on Fridays between 1 pm and 4 pm. Please, note that you need to arrive at least 20 minutes before the re-exam begins. A list of classrooms used for the re-examinations is available underneath the info board no later than 10 am on the re-examination day. You can also find information about the re-examination e.g. in ARBS by typing “re-examination” in the search field.

By examination we here refer to supervised written exams arranged on specified re-examination days. Dates and programme for re-examination days are listed in ASTA. To be eligible to participate in an examination arranged on a re-examination day the student must make an online enrollment at least one week before the re-examination day.

A student with a "Certificate for student in need of special pedagogical support at Arcada" who needs to sit alone or is in need of extra time contacts Amanuensis Maria Enoksson (E-mail: on the last day of enrollment at the latest.

Re-examination dates 2021-2022

27.8.2021 (deadline for enrollment 20.8.2021)
19.11.2021 (deadline for enrollment 12.11.2021)
28.1.2022 (deadline for enrollment 21.1.2022)
11.3.2022 (deadline for enrollment 11.3.2022)
22.4.2022 (deadline for enrollment 15.4.2022)
10.6.2022 (deadline for enrollment 3.6.2022)

Online re-exams during Spring 2021

The re-exam will be held online on distance, but will be supervised on Zoom. A few days before the re-exam you will get an e-mail with instructions and the link to Zoom. Please notice that the Zoom-link is personal, so you can’t share the link with others that have signed up for the re-exam. Everyone will get an e-mail regarding the re-exam with the link to the Zoom-room that he/she will be supervised in.

On the re-exam day you must log in to Zoom on your telephone or tablet at 12.30 pm so that you can see that all the technical stuff is working, you can log in to itslearning and find you re-exam and also show your ID to the supervisor before the exam starts at 1 pm. You have to put your telephone or tablet behind you so that the supervisor can see your browser on your computer through Zoom. Please make sure your phone battery is fully charged!

Only those examination aids that the examiner has informed students of in advance may be used in the examination.

If you are late to the exam, you won´t be able to take it.

So please sign in at 12.30 to your zoom-room, on 12.45 at the latest. After that the supervisor won’t let you in to the Zoom room.

To be sure that the right person is taking the exam the supervisor will need to see your ID. The supervisor will ask every one of you in turn to show your ID to the camera. If you want you can cover you date of birth and social security number, but your whole name and the picture has to show.

Please see to it that your name (first- and last name) are visible on the screen so that the supervisor also can see who is in the room.

When you have finished your exam, please write your name and the time when you handed in your exam on itslearning in the chat on Zoom. This is how you sign that you have participated in the re-exam

The supervisor will give you permission when you can start the re-exam.

General guidelines for examinations

All cell phones should be turned off and placed in bags or coats which are left at the walls in the examination room. Also smartwatches are forbidden during the examination.

The student may write one or more exams during the examination time (3 hrs.), but should enroll separately for each exam.

Students are obliged to arrive at least 20 minutes before the exam starts, and may leave the examination room, at the earliest, 30 minutes after the examination has begun. If a student arrives after this time, he/she is not eligible to write the examination.

If a student should write several exams will he/she receive his/her following exam tasks then the answers to the previous exam are submitted.

A student participating in an examination should be prepared to prove his/her identity when submitting the answers.

Only those examination aids that the examiner has informed students of in advance may be used in the examination.

Only writing paper that is distributed in the examination room, and which bears the stamp of the university may be used. A student that does not complete the examination should, nevertheless, fill in the required details on the examination writing paper.

The examination begins when the supervisor announces that the examination envelopes may be opened.

The supervisor has the right to terminate the student's exam if he/she disturbs the other students' work, and if the supervisor discovers that the student is guilty of cheating. Disciplinary action will be taken against these misdemeanours and unethical conduct.

The student should hand in all distributed writing paper in his/her possession before leaving the examination room and sign his/her name on the attendance list.

An examination shall be corrected within three weeks and examination results shall be registered within four weeks of the date of the examination.