The scope of the Master's degree programme is 90 ECTS. The degree can be completed in 1,5 years while studying alongside work. The courses are taught entirely in English. The studies will mainly be implemented as virtual studies by using modern learning technology. Lectures, coaching and assignments are handled on-line. There are also scheduled learning symposiums and seminars where you will meet your fellow teachers and students in person (the programme begins with intensive learning symposium in Kenya, for example). For students unable to attend these gatherings, virtual alternatives will be offered. The first semester offers a common ground in the foundations of global health, research methods and global health needs in terms of global health problems, such as tropical diseases, HIV and AIDS. During the second semester, students are introduced to advanced methods of research and innovation. During the third semester, students acquire skills for emergency and disaster management. Students have the possibility to study 5 ECTS credits’ worth of elective and applied studies provided by partner universities or other relevant higher education institutions, including virtual studies.

The studies consist of Health Promotion and Disease Prevention in Global Health (20 ECTS), Global Health in Emergency and Disaster Management (15 ECTS), Management, Leadership and Ethics in global health (10 ECTS), Research, Development and Innovation (10 ECTS), Master’s thesis (30 ECTS), Elective Studies (5 ECTS).