At the Department of Healthcare we know that transparency and curiosity are key to educating a skilled and competent workforce that makes an actual difference on the labour market. No matter which degree programme you’ve chosen to study you will meet working life with a modern approach to healthcare – one where people take centre stage and the recipients of care never play a passive role, but rather are the most important actors in any care-giving setting. As one of our close to 700 students, you will benefit from our focus on delivering quality and the vast experience our experts have to offer you.

Support and advice in questions related to your studies

Do you have questions about your studies? Interested in studying abroad or participating in research, development and innovation projects? If so, contact amanuensis Erica Åkermarck. The degree programme directors, your teachers and your teacher tutor can also help you in questions related to your studies. You can also always contact your student tutor or Student Services in C3.

Do you want to develop your learning skills, career management, or cope better with stress? Are you struggling with self-regulated studies, planning or time management? Do you feel hesitant about your choice of studies, future or motivation? Do you have dyslexia, depression, difficulties in concentration or something else affecting your learning? Study counsellor and Special education teacher Mia Ekström is available for all students throughout the studies with a wide range of personalized service. Mia´s office is in Student services in C3, schedule an appointment via E-mail: . More information