Learning Outcomes

After finishing the practical training the student:

  • Can use guidance - by a student on Practical Training 2 for support - in order to create his/her own plan for action, during the training period
  • Can describe the work duties of the OT on sight and in the organization
  • Can, as an outcome of an interview/discussion, report on the persons experience of Value in Occupations
  • Can pay attention on how the environment affects different persons Occupational Performance
  • Can seek support for his/her own reflections about the person from research in Occupational Therapy and Occupational Science
  • Can describe how the OT-process supports the everyday work of the OT
  • Can choose a relevant assessment tool in order to assess and clarify Occupational Performance issues
  • Can identify the persons strengths and resources
  • Has some insight on the routines, when it comes to documentation
  • Can take the professional Code of Ethics in consideration when showing respect, letting the person be heard and when promoting a reciprocal relationship
  • Can respect and follow the rules for professional secrecy