On graduation you receive the title of: Bachelor of Engineering.

Read about competencies you develop during your studies below:

Competencies (old study plans, students who have started 2020 or before)

Competences (new study plan, students who start 2021 and after)

Career opportunities

As a graduate you qualify for a position as an engineer or supervisor at an industrial company. Material and engineering specialists are needed in practically every business field, from manufacturing industry to their supply chains, as well as in the public sector.

Some typical job titles include Process Engineer, Product Engineer, Design Engineer, Laboratory Engineer, Materials Engineer or Sales Engineer.

Postgraduate studies

A master’s degree at a university of applied sciences

Students who have completed a bachelor’s degree at a university of applied sciences and acquired at least three years’ experience in working life can deepen their professional competence by completing a master’s degree at the university of applied sciences. The master’s degree programmes consist of 60 or 90 credits and can often be completed while working.

A master’s degree at a university

After a bachelor’s degree completed at a university of applied sciences, students can apply to a master’s degree programme at a university. The second-cycle university degree usually consists of 120 credits (2 years of full-time study). The admission decisions are made by the receiving higher education institution.

Licentiate and doctoral degrees

A person who has graduated with a master's degree has access to third-cycle university programmes (licentiate and doctoral degrees) at universities. The university assesses individually for each case whether the applicant has sufficient knowledge and skills for university postgraduate education.

Specialisation studies

The professional competence can also be developed by attending specialization studies that do not lead to a degree. Specialisation studies are arranged in a flexible way and are therefore suitable for persons in working life.