General information about Media Management

Qualification awarded: Master of Culture and Arts, equivalent to Högre yrkeshögskoleexamen inom kulturbranschen, Medianom (högre YH)
Level of qualification: 2nd cycle
Scope: 60 ECTS credits
Duration: 1-2 years
Mode of study: part-time
Language of tuition: English
Programme director: Mats Nylund

Are you looking for tools to manage the rapidly changing media industry? Do you work in leadership, management or entrepreneurship and struggle to see the bigger picture? Or do you see yourself as a media manager in the future? MA in Media Management provides you with skills, competences and knowledge needed for the challenges in the new media environment. The education gives you a unique opportunity to integrate your previous studies and professional experience with fresh in-depth knowledge.


Media Management is an inter-disciplinary subject based on media studies, management and organizational studies, leadership studies, media economics and innovation studies. The scope of the degree programme is 60 ECTS (European Transfer Credit System).

The program includes courses in, among other, Management and Leadership, Media Economics, Media Innovations and Digital Mediascape. Problem-solving and knowledge-production skills are developed especially in thesis work. The Master’s thesis is preferably a research report on a development project for a media organization. This organization can be the student’s employer, the student’s own company or some other organization in the media industry that the student can collaborate with. Thesis work gives the student a chance to specialize according to personal background and interests.

The scope of the degree programme is 60 ECTS (European Transfer Credit System). This includes six courses (á 5 ECTS) and your personal thesis work. Thesis work includes research seminars and substantial personal tuition from our experienced thesis supervisors. Media Management runs as part-time studies, allowing students to study alongside work. The students are supposed to graduate in two years. Those who are able to study full-time, can complete it faster.


The graduates are able to predict market trends and industrial development. They have skills and knowledge to develop content, technology and business models. Graduates have problem-solving and knowledge-production skills that foster innovative thinking and knowledge-based solutions. He or she will also be able to take responsibility for planning, implementing and monitoring managerial strategies that combine the interests of the media organization with the broader service to the community.

Career prospects

Graduates can work with a wide variety of managerial tasks in the media industry, as editorial and business managers, media entrepreneurs, media developers, or media consults. They can work in various organizations within, or related to the media industry, which are in need of people who can analyse markets and organizations, develop media innovations and business models. Graduates can work with advanced content development, leadership and organizations, technology development, or various business operations. They can also work with utilizing opportunities offered by new media.

Completing the MA in Media Management gives you the title Master of Culture and Arts.

Research, development and innovation

Media Management is a rapidly growing research field that analyses the economic, cultural and technological transformations and tendencies in the media industry. At Arcada University of Applied Sciences we are currently doing research around New Digital Business Models in Media, Web-TV and TV Formats, among other.

Strategies and innovations in media are intimately linked to research and development. An important part of your education is your own research for the Master’s Thesis. The aim of the thesis project is to advance the operations or management methods of a creative company or media industrial actors in general. In other words, your master’s education can be seen as a wise investment for your employer, if you are currently in the business.

Further studies

The MA in Media Management is primarily training students for working life. Entering doctoral studies would normally require some complementary MA-studies.


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