Maria Bäck
Degree Programme Director, Senior Lecturer in Cultural Management
+358 294 282 571

Monica Löv
+358 294 282 568

Richard Silin
Senior lecturer in Cultural Management
+358 40 190 6132

Tomas Träskman
Prefect, Senior Lecturer in Cultural Management
+358 294 282 599

Elisabeth Öhman
Senior Lecturer in Cultural Management
+358 294 282 864

Versatile competence in the teaching staff

All teachers are strongly anchored in some part of the cultural field and its networks, which is a strength for the education.

Elisabeth Öhman, for example, works with improvisation and theatre e.g. together with the improvisation group Stjärnfall. Maria Bäck works with trade union questions and the creative field through organisations such as Akava and The Finnish Business School Graduates. Tomas Träskman works in the cutting point between visual arts, design, activism and media. He is an independent curator and a board member of the FRAME foundation. In addition, he is a member of the artist group YKON.

The teaching staff, together with visiting producers, alumni and other professionals within the field, cover the diversity of functions and activities that characterise the cultural field.