Qualification awarded: Yrkeshögskoleexamen inom kulturbranschen, Kulturproducent (YH); equivalent to Bachelor of Culture and Arts
Level of qualification: 1st cycle
Scope: 240 ECTS credits
Duration: 4 years
Mode of study: full-time
Language of tuition: Swedish
Programme director: Maria Bäck

As a graduate of Cultural Management at Arcada you are able to handle projects full of change, complexity and innovation in organisations of different sizes – from the open field, start-ups and non-profit to large organisations – in Finland and globally.

The studies prepare you for both theoretically and practically oriented work within the creative and culture fields. A culture manager should be able to navigate between Excel, Kjell Westö, West End Girls and West End Story. The foremost tool of the manager is good skills in communication, leadership ability, insight into the structures of cultural life in society, knowledge of art and culture, awareness of in which direction society is developing as well as administrative ability. You also learn the basics of business administration and marketing skills.

Through your choice of extension studies, practical training and projects connected to working life as well as choice of degree thesis subject, you choose a profile within your field. A number of partnerships between other programmes at Arcada, key persons and organisations in the creative field and the culture sector guarantee you this possibility. You can begin to specialise already in the first year of study or only in the last.

You can choose to specialise in business administration, international culture management, socioculture, production of cultural events or media culture.

The learning processes are supported by both individual and group instruction throughout the studies. The overall planning of the curriculum is supported by regular contact with teacher tutors.

Research, development and innovation

At Arcada researchers, teachers and students work side by side in different research-, development- and innovation projects. Research, development and innovation (RDI) is integrated throughout the education and the degree thesis work, and different projects related to working life are a natural part of the RDI activities.

The RDI activities within the cultural field focus on three areas of knowledge development:

  • Hybrid art productions

Art searches for new forms and cross-artistic productions are becoming more common. Handling of online communities, transmedia, interactivity, sector-transgressing and viral experiences demands new competences and RDI-input.

  • Entrepreneurship in the creative field

For the cultural managers entrepreneurship means, in addition to enterprising and Arts & Business, a creative value. This value can be social, economic and aesthetic. A sustainable and strong entrepreneurship is created when these three are interwoven.

  • Functional hindrances as artistic strategy

Functional hindrances do not only concern physical accessibility for the consumption of cultural experiences, but also accessibility and added value in creating art.


At Arcada University of Applied Sciences we believe in and actively pursue cooperation with working life and the society. Taking part in academic networks, cooperation with over 90 universities from all corners of the world, a comprehensive network of contacts within various industries as well as active research, development and innovation activities provide the basis of our expertise. Research conducted in close collaboration with business partners and the public sector ensures significant results and that Arcada’s competences benefit society as a whole.

A line that runs through all educational activity at Arcada is that studies not only are about reading, but also about doing. You gain experience of working life both here at home and abroad already during the time studying at Arcada.

Through close collaboration with business life, which in the case of Media culture involves cooperation with YLE and commercial actors, your theoretical knowledge is developed to practical competences already during the studies. Your work placements give you the perfect opportunity to roll up your sleeves, gain work experience and not least to get a toehold in many organisations and businesses. And contact with employers doesn’t end there. In many courses you work with real projects with both national and international companies as contractors and many choose to write their thesis for an external organisation.

Study environment

The Degree Programme in Cultural Management is taught in Swedish. The international study environment at Arcada, as well as your study and work practice opportunities in Finland and abroad also prepare you for an international career.

Student exchange

Daily life at Arcada is filled with intercultural encounters. Students and collaborators from more than 50 countries have gathered within the walls of the institution and dialogue and cooperation across cultural and national borders are today as natural as they are inspiring.

While we welcome the world at Arcada, the collaborators and students of the institution also turn their sight across national borders. We are a member of several international exchange- and collaboration networks within education and research and encourage our students to take courses, go on exchange and engage in projects abroad.

To study or work abroad is a valuable experience for you both as a student professionally and on a personal level. The experience opens new doors and opportunities. Students of Arcada have good opportunities to travel abroad and complete part of their studies there. Arcada collaborates with universities and institutes of higher education from Tromsø in the north to Johannesburg in the south, from Canada in the west to South Korea in the east. As a student of Cultural Management, you can study at institutions in e.g. Germany, Ireland, Norway and South Africa.

Participating in exchange programmes is not the only opportunity you have of seeing the world together with Arcada. Several courses also offer opportunities to field trips and participating in projects abroad.

Arcada is visited by guest lecturers from all corners of the world. The expertise they bring with them gives valuable international perspectives and guarantee that your education offers the latest knowledge. Our own lecturers and collaborators actively visit our partner institutions to share their knowledge and bring with them valuable know-how home. Collaborators and students also participate in international conferences and seminars arranged at Arcada, in the rest of Finland and abroad.