Course enrollment on ASTA

The course enrollment starts two weeks prior to the beginning of the period. Enrollment closes on the first Monday of the period at 00:00 am. When the enrollments have closed, the student can only be enrolled to a specific course by the teacher's consent.

Who has the right to complete a course?

Please check that you fulfill the prerequisites before you enroll to a course. The requirements are described in the course description. The teacher will check that the prerequisites are fulfilled when the course enrollment has closed.  

The introduction lecture is compulsory. If you are not able to be present during that lecture, please inform the teacher in advance about the matter (only valid reasons are accepted). The absence may be compensated with an e.g. obligatory pre-assignment. If you do not participate in the following lectures or submit the prospective pre-assignment the teacher has the right to cancel your course enrollment.

After a finished course

Students not showing up will be removed from the course. Students who do not complete the course (e.g. unsubmitted assignments or failed study attainments) will receive grade 0.  


Compulsory presence during lectures? During the introduction lecture the teacher will inform which course lectures that are obligatory. 

Late arrival to lecture

You are not allowed to enter the lecture when arriving late. Please wait outside the classroom until the next break before you enter.  


No student completing the exam is allowed to leave before 60 minutes have passed. The time for online exams is regulated by the teacher for the specific course.   


All assignments will immediately be failed if plagiarism is discovered. The teacher uses automatic plagiarism checker when needed. 

Compulsory assignment

What happens if I do not submit my assignments on time?

Late assignments will be graded as failed.

Can I improve my grade on assignments? 

Generally no (if the teachers of course does not inform otherwise) 

Can I redo a failed assignment? 

Generally no.