The document Good Scientific Practice in Studies at Arcada presents good scientific practice that all students must conform to and the consequences of violation.

The Ethical Committee at Arcada (ETIX)

The purpose of the Ethical committee is to verify that empirical degree theses and projects fulfil the ethical requirements of research in their initial phase.

All students whose planned degree thesis includes an empirical study, where persons are informants or objects of research, or classified data about persons, have to submit an application for research ethical verification to the Ethical Committee before the empirical study is implemented. This means that students fill in the Ethical Committee's form "Plan for Thesis" and send the form and attachments electronically to their supervisor for approval.

Please submit the following enclosures with the form "Short Plan for Thesis"

  1. A completed application for research permission on the form used by the research ethical committee of the organisation in question. If such an application form is not available, a free-form application is written to the person who is responsible in the organisation.
  2. Application for research permission or assistance i.e. for getting informants, collecting questionnaires or the like to the level in the organisation, where data will be collected, if the level differs from the one mentioned in point 1.
  3. Research instruments (survey, interview guide, observation schedule or the like) with attached covering letter and possible instruction. The covering letter should include the contact information to the student and the supervisor.

After the plan, including the enclosures, has been approved for submission to the Ethical Committee, the supervisor sends the "Plan for Thesis" and its enclosures electronically to the Committee. This is to be done no later than Friday the week before the next meeting. After the Ethical Committee has examined and approved the plan the student may apply for research permission with the organisations concerned.

If research ethical problems arise during the implementation of the study, the student is asked to report this to the supervisor and to the Ethical Committee.

Collected raw material must not be destroyed before the thesis is approved. Preservation of raw material for a long time should be agreed upon with the supervisor/project leader in advance.

After the Ethical Committee has considered the plan, the comments are sent electronically to the supervisor and the student.

The plan shall be sent to

Members of the Ethical Committee 1.1.2017–31.12.2018:

  • Senior Researcher Jyrki Kettunen (Chairperson)
  • Senior Lecturer Pamela Gray
  • Principal Lecturer Åsa Rosengren
  • Principal Lecturer Matteo Stocchetti