There are some outlines for accreditation in general. You can find these here.

The following principles apply to accreditation
  • only competences that are relevant to the degree are accredited
  • competences that are a prerequisite for gaining admission to a degree programme (e.g. upper secondary education) cannot be accredited
  • study attainments older than 10 years cannot be accredited without assessing the relevance and whether or not the knowledge is up-to-date
  • the original grade will be registered, if the grading scale is the same as the one used at Arcada
  • leadership education gained from military service corresponds to 5 cr N.B. Please note that this only concerns students studying at the Department of Managememet and Analytics and the Department of Energy and Materials Technology. Nursing students at the Department of Health Care are also able to accredit the leadership education gained from military service if they choose to complete the module Making Sense of Leadership)
Competences are divided into four categories, which are based on how they have been acquired:
  1. Formal competence
    Competence acquired from studying at the same or equivalent level as the current degree programme (tertiary institution, e.g. university or university of applied sciences).
  2. Non-formal competence
    Documented studies that do not meet the required level, but can be considered relevant for the degree.
  3. Informal competence
    Competence acquired in an informal way and for which there is no documentation. Competence acquired in this way must always be assessed by means of an examination. If you have gained competence this way, please contact the examiner personally and do not fill in the application form.
  4. Work experience