Remember to register for the academic year.

At the beginning of your studies, you and your amanuensis will set up an individual study plan which you will evaluate and update together annually.

Take advantage of your annual development discussion. Prior to the discussion it is a good idea to reflect on how your studies are progressing so far, and if you have questions that you would like to talk about concerning your studies. Your teacher tutor can also help you if you have questions about studying or doing your practical training abroad or if you need to update your study plan.

Strive to pass all exams on the first attempt, otherwise there is a risk that they pile up and your workload becomes uneven. If you do not pass an examination on the first attempt, check itslearning or ASTA for information on how to supplement or redo it. If the form of examination is a written exam, you should check the date for re-examination in advance. A failed course can be re-examined two times and registration for a re-exam is done in ASTA.

Activate the personal curriculum and check regularly which courses you have completed and which have possibly been left unfinished. Check if and when these courses take place and what you have to do to pass them. You can also contact your teacher tutor or amanuensis if you need help.

It is possible to accredit previous knowledge or knowledge that you have acquired at another educational institution; this also applies to informally acquired knowledge such as workplace practice. Contact the amanuensis or the degree programme director regarding replacement and accreditation of courses.

Your personal curriculum in ASTA displays the courses you have registered for, the courses you have completed and which courses you still have to take.

You must carry out your studies yourself. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited and may affect your future studies negatively. We strongly believe that the relation between students and staff should be based on respect and understanding. If you feel that this is not the case, please contact your teacher tutor or teacher. They are also here to help if you have questions regarding your examination or courses.