From absent to present

You may change your registration status from absent to present at any time during the academic year. You will be retroactively registered as present from the start of either period 1 or 3. If you have been absent it is recommended that you contact your amanuensis to make a study plan for the academic year. Change your registration by submitting form 1b Change of registration - Presence/Absence below.

From present to absent

You may change your registration status from present to absent for periods 3 and 4 by submitting the form Change of registration - Presence/Absence below by 15 January.

The Rector may on special grounds grant a student the right to change the registration from present to absent, even after the deadline (15.1). The following situations are considered special grounds:

  • military service, non-military service and women's voluntary military service
  • maternity, paternity, or parental leave
  • serious illness or injury
  • particularly difficult circumstances

If the application is sustained, the period of absence will commence at the start of period 1 (1.8) or period 3 (1.1). If you wish to change your registration to absent on special grounds, please contact Student Affairs to discuss the issue before submitting the application. Change your registration by submitting form 1c Change of registration with a valid reason below.

Tuition fee-paying students

Please contact studentaffairs@arcada before filling out any forms.