Flex key

Your electronic flex key is personal and allows you to access Arcadas classrooms and computer rooms weekdays from 7.00-22.00, see terms and conditions. You may apply separately for a weekend permit here. You will also need your flex key whenever you want to print, copy or scan something at Arcada.

How to get a flex key?

Before you can get a flex key you need an IT-account, read more here

Through the AAS (Arcada Account Services) you can pay the deposit of 30€ for your electronic flex key. Log in at AAS (Arcada Account Services): https://apps.arcada.fi/aas/

After this you can pick up your flex key at the Arcada information desk. Remember to take with you your ID (driver's license or passport).

It is also important that you fill in your bank account number correctly to get back the deposit.

Lost flex key?

Please contact campus@arcada.fi if you have lost your flex key. To get a new flex key please pay a new deposit (see above).

Returning your electronic flex key

When your studies are over and you no longer need access to the Arcada building you are asked to return your flex key in order to get the deposit back.

Please log in at AAS (Arcada Account Services): https://apps.arcada.fi/aas/ Fill in your bank account number, the deposit will be returned to this account. If you no longer access AAS please contact the info desk or campus@arcada.fi.

When you have returned the flex key to the Arcada info, the responsibility for the flex key transfers to Arcada.

Weekend permit

If you wish to study on weekends your electronic flex key can be coded with a weekend permit to access the Arcada building. This means you can access the building Saturdays and Sundays from 9.00-18.00 (via the door to the right of the revolving doors at the main entrance). You can apply for a permit that is valid for autumn or spring term at a time via this form. Students studying on weekends should be prepared to show ID to the security guards from Securitas if requested. The guards have lists of all students who are allowed weekend permit.

Print and scan documents at Arcada

You need your flex key whenever you want to print or scan something at Arcada. Guess what, we made a step-by-step guide for this too.


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