Students and staff use the wireless network called eduroam. It is part of a global network provided by universities and alike. It works in most Finnish universities and also internationally.


Arcada-guest is used by visitors. It has a very limited bandwidth and students and staff should not need to use it. The password changes daily and is published on the information screen at the big square, on ARBS under Rapport - Guest WiFi, on every room-booking and on start.arcada.fi when logged on.


Attach your device to eduroam

(regarding Android and mobile Windows devices, see instructions below)

  1. Check that your device has an active internet connection, eg. mobile/3G or arcada-guest.
  2. Browse to https://cat.eduroam.org.
  3. Download an "eduroam Installer".
    1. Choose Arcada as "Home Institution".
    2. Choose "Installer to download" according to the the operating system on your device (e.g. Windows, Mac, iOs, etc.).
    3. Install and follow the instructions
  4. Provide your Arcada username in the format username@arcada.fi when logging in (username only will not work).


Android devices

  1. Open the list of available wireless networks.
  2. Choose eduroam
  3. Go to Settings and choose TTLS as EAP method and PAP for Phase2 authentication
  4. Provide your Arcada username in the format username@arcada.fi when logging in.

Windows phone

  1. Open Settings -> Wireless networks
  2. Choose eduroam
  3. Provide your Arcada username in the format username@arcada.fi
  4. Server Certificate Validation: Choose Certifikate Authority
  5. Choose the certificate USERTrust
  6. Choose PEAP MS-CHAP v2 as EAP method
  7. Press OK
  8. Accept the certificate and connect

iOs devices

The eduroam installer will have fixed all settings, no further settings required


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