Health and Wellbeing

Helsinki city offers health care services at Arcada. As a student at Arcada you are offered service by the school nurse and our psychiatric nurse. In case of urgent illness which requires medical treatment is treated at the health centre. Since we at Arcada want our students to be well, we offer versatile possibilities for personal support. We also offer you the possibility to get help from our study psychologist and our study counsellor and special education teacher, who can help you in your studies. You also have the possibility to meet up with the student pastor. Please note that the healh care services can unfurtunately not be used by open path students.

School nurse

Contact information

Tessa Puolakka (school nurse)
Available Monday to Friday
Phone: 050 3105607

Sara Sommardahl (school nurse)
Open reception (without an appointment) Wed-Thur 11.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.
Phone: 040 1616546

Attention! There is no open reception in the summer, please book an appointment beforehand 1.6.-28.6.2019! The student healthcare at Arcada will be closed 1.7.2019–2.8.2019.

Autumn 2019

Appointment without a reservation: Mon-Fri 11.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. (open reception)

If possible, please make an appointment beforehand. Make an appointment: by telephone, sms or contact/book via the e-service (if you have filled out the electronic health form for student health care). The nurses can unfortunately not be contacted by e-mail anymore, because of The General Data Protection Regulation.

You can contact the school nurse if you are wondering about e.g.

  • your basic vaccinations
  • for blood pressure control
  • for medical examination or if you want to talk to someone (shorter discussions or issues are possible to carry out at the open reception)

Students enrolled in social and health care degree programmes are required to have a health check-up before they begin their practical work placement training. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that the health check-up is done before the beginning of the practical work placement period.

The school nurse is employed by the City of Helsinki, and is sworn to professional secrecy. The visits are free of charge.

Vaccinations for students 

1. Please contact the nurses at Arcada if you need the signed HUS-document or you need to have some vaccine. (Tessa & Sara) p. 050 310 56 07, available Monday to Friday

2. You can get all the basic vaccinations and the signed HUS-document  too from the vaccination clinic for students
Address : Mechelininkatu 46, 4th Floor.
Entrance through A-door elevator

Opening hours at Mechelininkatu (11.3-24.5.2019)
• Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday: at 8-11 & 12-15.15
(Weeks: 11, 13, 15, 17, 19, and 21)

• Monday, Tuesday: 8-11 & 12.15.15
(Weeks: 12, 14, 16, 18, and 20)

Psychiatric nurse

Contact information

Viveka Eriksson (psychiatric nurse)
Available at Arcada Mon-Fri in D1, room 1580.
Telephone hours: Mon-Fri at 12 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.
Phone: 040 336 0188
E-mail: viveka.eriksson[a]

Contact the psychiatric nurse when you are worried about your mental health e.g.

  • at life crises
  • panic and anxiety
  • obsessions, compulsive acts
  • depressed mood, low-spritedness
  • in need of continued medical attention (e.g. if your previous care has discontinued or terminated)
  • stress or on any other issues you want to discuss

The psychiatric nurse is employed by the City of Helsinki. The service is free of charge and all communication is treated with strict confidentiality. Doctor´s appointments can be made e.g. through your own health stations. 

Psychosocial and spiritual support

Contact information

Andreas Andersson
Phone: 050 3800 662

Arcada has a designated student chaplain, who can give spiritual advice and counselling. You can turn to him in any matter whatsoever, regardless of your religion or conviction. It can be e.g. questions about: 

•    Relationships or loneliness
•    Studies or questions about the future
•    Existential questions or faith
•    Financial issues

... and any other questions you need to talk about with someone.

The student chaplain is available every Wednesday on the Big Square from 11-13, and in room D4112 Wednesdays 13-14.
You can also contact him to make an appointment other times.


All the students at Arcada are insured against accidents. The insurance covers all students during practical lessons, practical training and when travelling to and from the training place (even abroad). The insurance does not cover if students get injured in school (e.g. tripping on stairs) or under a theory lesson. The insurance does not cover travelling to and from the school. The student is required to have a private accident insurance for all other situations (not related to practical training or practical lessons).

In the event of an accident requiring urgent attention, the student should go to the nearest health centre, and inform the staff that he/she is insured at the school. Be prepared that you may have to pay for the treatment services, and save all receipts for refunding purposes.

You can contact the nurse Tessa Puolakka, 050 310 56 07 if you are not sure about whether you should seek attendance from the health centre or not.

Urgent illness which requires medical treatment is treated at the health centre. Call 10023 for information about general health. The phone number can be reached at any time during day and night.

Amanuensis Maria Enoksson assists you in filling out the insurance forms.

Any questions regarding insurance should be directed to David Sjöberg (phone 0207 699 606 or david.sjoberg[a] or Maria Enoksson (phone 0207 699 674 or maria.enoksson[a]

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