Arcada’s requirements for studies abroad

In order to apply for studies abroad you have to fulfill Arcada’s requirements for exchange studies.

  • One year of studies must be completed when starting the study period abroad.
  • Normal progress in studies.
    If the studies have not progressed in normal pace, the student has to be able to explain the situation upon request. Illness or other force majeure situations can be seen as exceptions.
  • The period of exchange should follow the recommendations of the degree programme.
    If the student for some reason does not have the possibility to go on exchange during the recommended time, he/she should contact the responsible person in his/her degree to see if there are other possibilities.
  • The exchange period cannot prolong the study period. The chosen courses at the host institution should be relevant for the curricula at Arcada. The studies should progress at the same pace as is required at Arcada.
  • Ability to understand the language(s) of tuition and study.
    In order to be accepted for an exchange, the student has to fulfill the language requirements of the host institution when applying to the host university or when the study period abroad begins (depending on the host institution's requirements).

If the above mentioned requirements are fulfilled, the Learning Agreement can be signed. If the student does not fulfill the requirements he/she can apply again later.