You will find the answer to many questions regarding exchange studies here in Start. If you think that some information is missing or that some information is not correct please contact E-mail:

1. Is it difficult to be accepted to exchange studies?

Most of Arcada’s students who fulfill the requirements get an exchange place in some of our partner institutions. Some partner universities are however more popular and therefore competition may be higher. It is therefore important to make a good application and to have a second option.

2. When can I go on exchange?

It depends what you are studying. You cannot go on exchange during your first year at Arcada. Students in some degree programmes should go on exchange during their second year while in other degree programmes the recommended time is third or fourth year. See more under When can I go.

3. Can I go on exchange to a university that is not Arcada’s partner?

You can go on exchange to a university that is not our partner as a freemover, if you find relevant courses and if the university accept freemovers. As a freemover you will be applying directly for an exchange place at the university you have chosen. As a freemover you must organize your exchange by yourself. As a freemover you won't get any grant from Arcada and you might also have to pay the tuition fees if there are any. Read more about freemovers under Where can I study.

4. How many ECTS do I have to get during an exchange?

You should get 30 ECTS in one term and 60 ECTS in one year.