Travel Report

A report from the student is required in order to get the credits accredited at Arcada. You have to hand in the report to the International Coordinator one month after the return at the latest. Please find below the outline for the report:

  1. Preparing for the exchange:
    • Where did you find all the needed information?
    • Visa process, Insurance, vaccinations required
    • What to do if you start hesitating about going though you know deep down that you want to go?
  2. Arrival in the host country:
    • notification to the authorities
    • Certificates required
  3. The partner university:
    • Size
    • Campus
    • Tutoring system
    • Student associations
    • Meals
  4. Studies:
    • Where did you find information about the courses?
    • Language of instruction
    • Language courses
    • Level of teaching
    • Lectures, group-work, practice
    • Laboratories and equipment
  5. Living:
    • Location (distance to university and services)
    • How did you find your housing?
    • Rent
    • Living standard, equipment
  6. Life-style:
    • Local life and service available
    • Safety
    • Price levels
    • Language issues
  7. Spare time:
    • Sights
    • Spare time activities
  8. Critical incident:
    • Think of a situation that you have experienced during your time abroad that surprised or confused you. What happened? How did you feel? How did you solve it?
  9. Other observations:
    • Positive and negative surprises
  10. Skills obtained abroad (other than academic):
    • Skills that can be useful in a future job?
    • Reflect upon how the intercultural experiences during your exchange helped you to develop yourself (for example your self-understanding, ability to relate to others etc.)?
  11. Advice to students who are thinking about applying for an exchange