Things to do and hand in after your exchange

1. Travel Report

  • Write a travel report (instructions for the report). For students who have been on exchange during the Corona spring 2020: we recommend that you write something about what you experienced, but you do not have to follow the instructions for the report, if you do not prefer to do so. The report will be published in the partner institution database in start (if you give your permission to do so) so that students who plan to go abroad can read about your experience. Send your report to within one month after the end of your exchange period.

2. Transcript of Records

  • Transcript of Records is often sent to Arcada but if it has been sent directly to you, please send a copy of it to us.
For Erasmus exchange students also paragraphs 3-5 below

The second installment of the grant will be paid only after you have submitted all documents/tasks (1-5).

3. Letter of Confirmation

  • As Erasmus student you should bring back a signed Letter of Confirmation. Please find the document on this page (During your exchange) Hand in your Letter of Confirmation to international affairs in C3 after your exchange period or send a scanned copy to

4. EU Survey

  • Fill in the EU Survey Report online. You will receive an email with a link to the report after your exchange period.

5. OLS language assessment II

  • Complete the second part of the OLS language assessment. For more information about the language assessment check "Erasmus" or

Take part in the re-entry training

You will receive more information about the re-entry training to your Arcada email address.

Courses will be registered in ASTA

If your Learning Agreement is up to date and you have taken courses as planned, we will register your courses in ASTA after you have completed all steps mentioned above.

Courses you have completed during your exchange will be registered in ASTA as passed. The original grade will not be registered, as the grading scale is unlikely the same as the one used at Arcada. Due to equal treatment of all students, courses will be registered as passed even if the grading scale at the host university is the same as the one Arcada uses.