Information about Arcada, contact details, the application process, course selection, accommodation, language skills etc.

VISA and Residence Permit

The best way to make sure that you have all the documents needed for studying abroad, is to check this with the Finnish embassy of your home country. The requirements varies depending on which country you are coming from, how long you will be studying in Finland, what you are studying and if it concerns only studies or practical training. The Finnish Immigration has compiled important information for exchange students regarding VISA and residence permit in the document that you can find at the bottom of this page (scroll down to Migri Visa Instructions).

Vaccinations and Insurances

Please make sure you have all the vaccinations needed and a valid insurance.

Exchange students coming to Arcada should obtain all necessary insurances (e.g. health, medical expenses, luggage, home insurance) prior their arrival to Finland. Students from EU countries should additionally acquire a European Health Insurance Card before arriving in Finland. It is also recommended to have liability insurance.

It is recommended that you have all general vaccinations (tetanus/diphtheria, polio, measles, parotitis and rubella) in order and that all available certificates of vaccination are brought to Finland. Please consult your doctor concerning possible need of a tuberculosis chest X-Ray. A student at the degree programme in Nursing may not be permitted to begin practical training if vaccinations are not in order and if the student is not in good health.

Language skills

Exchange students are expected to have a good command of spoken and written English in order to be able to follow the lectures and complete the course assignments, oral presentations and exams. Students selected to study at Arcada should have language skills at a minimum level of B1 according to CEFR in understanding, speaking and writing.

Stay in Helsinki (Tutor program, Introduction days, Social events)

Before arriving you should be in contact with your tutor, who will contact you via e-mail. The tutor can assist you upon arrival with keys etc. Let your tutor know your date and time of arrival. It is recommended to exchange phone numbers in case of delays etc.

Arcada Student Union, ASK organize a tutor program and arrange all sorts of cultural events throughout the semester. A membership in ASK provides you with a wide range of sports opportunities.

Introduction days are organized in the beginning of the autumn term, which you are expected to take part in. Only a short welcoming event is organized in the spring as the courses begin immediately.


Student accommodation

You can apply for a student accommodation through Arcada but there is a limited number of these accommodation available and therefore we cannot guarantee to arrange accommodation for all incoming exchange students.

If available, a room in a shared flat will be pre-booked for you  and you will receive all the necessary information regarding the student accommodation in the welcome e-mail. If we pre-book an accommodation for you, you don't need to take any action regarding accommodation before that unless instructed otherwise! Please note that you can only apply for a room in student housing after the International Coordinator has pre-booked a room for you. Do keep in mind that rents in Helsinki are rather high. A room in a student housing costs around 470-580 euro/month.

You will share the apartment with other international students. Everyone has a private room (about 12m2). The kitchen, bathroom as well as the living room are shared. All apartments are furnished and the kitchen is equipped enough to get started. The rent includes water, heating and internet. The rooms are rented on a fixed-term basis for the whole semester. The fixed-term period for the autumn term is August 15th-December 31st and  January 1st-May 31st for the spring term. For students staying for a full academic year the fixed-term period is August 15th-May 31st. Priority will be given for exchange students staying for the full terms (eg. autumn, spring or full Academic year) as mentioned above. When available, an exchange student staying for a shorter period may rent a room but the fixed-term period will be the same as mentioned above independently of his/her date of arrival and departure. 

Other accomodations

More information about other accommodations will be posted here soon.

Studies at Arcada

Course Enrollment

Upon arrival at Arcada you will get a login and password to be able to access computers and the Study Administration System, ASTA. You can then enroll for courses online. Login and password can unfortunately not be handed out by e-mail beforehand. More instructions will be given when you arrive.

Grading system

  • Excellent (5)
  • Good (4-3)
  • Satisfactory (2-1)

In one term you should strive to obtain 30 ECTS credits and in one year 60 ECTS credits.

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