An international double degree is a form of cooperation between two higher education institutions. Both institutions have their own curricula and students complete an agreed amount of their degree abroad at the partner institution and obtain a degree from both institutions. The double degree should be completed within the timeframe of one’s study right.

The agreement is made with partner institutions that can offer a deeper understanding of some of the competences required when graduating from your home institution. The content of the studies are carefully compared and agreed on. This is to make sure that the studies completed during the exchange bring qualitative added value to both of the degrees obtained.

Who can apply?

Arcada has three Double degree agreements in business. Two in Germany with Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences and OTH Regensburg and one in Denmark, with UCL University College in Odense.

Only business students from these three institutions can apply for a Double Degree exchange at Arcada.

How to apply?

Please be in contact with the International Coordinator at your home institution for information regarding application.

The same Arcada application form is used both for ‘normal student exchange’ and for students doing a Double Degree. See Application.

The Double degree programme

The minimum period of stay at the host university in order to obtain both degrees is one academic year worth 60 ECTS. The Double Degree with UCL University College also include a practical placement worth 30 ECTS. The practical placement can be done in Denmark or in Finland. For more information regarding the courses and practical placements, please contact your home institution.

After the exchange

The student will receive a Transcript of Records from Arcada.

Upon graduation - Degree students at Arcada:
  • The student informs the Study Coordinators at Student Affairs that he/she has completed a Double Degree when applying for the degree certificate at Arcada
  • The Study Coordinators scan copies of the degree certificate (including transcript of records and Diploma Supplement) to the personnel at the International Affairs at the other UAS
  • The other UAS sends their degree certificate together with a Diploma Supplement to the student
  • It will be visible in the Arcada degree certificate and Diploma Supplement that the student has done a Double Degree
Upon graduation - Students from another UAS

In order for you to receive your degree certificate from Arcada, please contact the international coordinator at your own UAS in order for her/him to scan the following documents to us (


  • Degree certificate
  • Transcript of records
  • Diploma Supplement
  • Certificate of Study (or something similar stating the start- och the end date of your studies and information about periods of presence or absence)
  • Contact information (home address, phone number)

When we have received the scanned documents, we write the degree certificate to you and mail the certificate directly to the stated address stated in the e-mail. In addition, we also send a scanned copy of the degree certificate to your own UAS as well.