What’s the sum of a miniature sized plastics factory, an energy lab, a chemistry lab, over 280 eager engineering students and a number of innovative teachers and researchers in environmental and energy engineering and materials processing technology? Well, the answer is fairly simple: The Department of Energy and Materials Technology at Arcada.

Materials Processing Technology

This course list is put together for the incoming exchange students in Materials Processing Technology.

NB.: We are still in the process of updating the course descriptions for some of the courses listed below. All the missing course descriptions will be available by the end of March-beginning of April).

Please select the courses with special attention to the course requirements(see the pre-requisites and co-requisites for each course by following the respective link).  We recommend that you divide the courses as evenly as possible between the periods for a suitable workload. A total of 30 credits per term or 60 credits per year is recommended for Arcada students.

General Studies

Course name ECTS Semester Period
Laboratory Safety for Engineers 5 Autumn 2

Basic Studies

Course name ECTS Semester Period
Mechanics 5 Autumn 2
Material Physics 5 Autumn 2
Engineering Chemistry 5 Spring 3
Mathematical Modelling 5 Spring 4

Materials Processing

Course name ECTS Semester Period
Manufacturing Processes 5 Autumn 2
Structural Composites 5 Autumn 1-2
Adhesives Joints 5 Spring 3


Course name ECTS Semester Periods
Fluid Mechanics 5 Autumn 2
Surface Properties 5 Spring 4
Polymer Chemistry 5 Spring 4


Course name ECTS Semester Period
Materials Design 5 Autumn 2
Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) 5 Spring 3
Mechanics of Materials 1 5 Spring 3
Finite Element Method 5 Spring 4

Advanced Materials & Design

Course name ECTS Semester Period
Project 5 Autumn or Spring 1, 2, 3

Thesis work

Course name ECTS Semester Period
Data Analysis (NB.: this course is also meant for students that have not yet started planning thesis work) 5 Spring 1


Course name ECTS Semester Period
Swedish for beginners I 5 Autumn 1
Swedish for beginners II 5 Autumn 2
Professional English for Materials Processing Technology 5 Spring 3

Energy and Environmental Engineering

At the moment we are only offering courses in Swedish within Energy and Environmental Engineering.You will find the Energy and Enviromental Engineering courses in Swedish by clicking the link below.

Energi- och Miljöteknik