The Department of Culture and Media inspires creativity and innovation. Through regular contact with lecturers, researchers and industry leaders, students develop professional and analytical abilities that will give them the edge in cultural and media sectors.

These options have been identified to allow international students an opportunity to explore, analyse and apply their knowledge in a Swedish-Finnish setting. The packages provide students with the theoretical background and guidance to develop a project they could complete while studying at Arcada. There is no overlap between courses and so students may choose any of the following:


Course name ECTS Semester Period
Project Management in the Cultural and Creative Industry  (5 ECTS + posibility to do interniship 5-10 ECTS) 5-15 Autumn 1 + 2
Critical Media Analysis 5 Autumn 2
CMS - Content Management Systems (check the prerquisites for this course) 10 Autumn 1+ 2
Research Methodology 5 Autumn 1


Course name ECTS Semester Period
Innovation and Concepts 5 Spring 3
Introduction to Interactive Storytelling 5 Spring 4
Trends in Art and Culture 5 Spring 3
Cultural Policy and Cultural Industries
NB! The course will be taught in both English and Swedish. Some lectures are only taught in Swedish.
5 Spring 4
Structuring Information (prerequisites Web Design Foundations, or equivalent) 5 Spring 4
Critical Media Laboratory 10 Spring 3-4

Language Courses Autumn 2019 and Spring 2020

For additional credits during the year, please choose electives offered by other Departments. We suggest:

Finnish for Beginners I, 5 ECTS, Autumn

Finnish for Beginners II, 5 ECTS, Autumn

Swedish for Beginners I, 5 ECTS, Autumn

Swedish for Beginners II, ECTS, Autumn

Swedish for Beginners I, 5 ECTS, Spring

Swedish for Beginners II, 5 ECTS, Spring