We are here to help you with your questions about exchange studies at Arcada. Usually, Kátia Torres Airava is the one who will answer your questions.

When you are at Arcada, you can visit us in C3 (room 353), i.e. in block C on the 3rd floor. No Drop in consulting due to Corona. Instead, please book an appointment through international@arcada.fi


Kátia Torres Airava, Head of Student and Staff Mobility / MoveON Coordinator
Phone: 0294 282 868
E-mail international@arcada.fi
Incoming student exchange, Partner agreements, MoveON 

Christa Holm, Specialist - International Affairs
Phone: 0294 282 670
E-mail international@arcada.fi
Outgoing student exchange, Staff exchange

Annika Keskinen, International Coordinator
Phone 0294 282 673
E-mail: international@arcada.fi
Administration, grants for students going on exchange, Erasmus grants for internships, Erasmus Coordinator