Department of Health and Welfare

The Department for Health and Welfare is one of the largest at Arcada with closer to 750 students. The department offers four bachelor’s degree programmes (Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Sports and Health Promotion and Social Services) as well as three master’s degree programmes (Health Promotion, Social Services, Rehabilitation and Mental Health).

With openness and innovation as guiding principles the department educates future experts on a labour market in constant change. In all our degree programmes we emphasize curiosity, health promotion and leadership, so that you as a student will develop the knowledge and competences needed to both thrive in your field and to develop it further. The department is led by Head of Department Carina Kiukas

Support and advice in questions related to your studies

Do you have questions about your studies? Interested in studying abroad or participating in research, development and innovation projects? If so, contact amanuensis Maria Enoksson. The degree programme directors, your teachers and your teacher tutor can also help you in questions related to your studies. You can also always contact your student tutor or Student Services in C3.

Studies or work practice abroad?

To study or conduct your work practice abroad is enriching for you as a student on both a professional and personal level. The experiences gained opens new doors and opportunities. Students at Arcada have a wide range of options when it comes to conducting part of your studies abroad. As a student in health and welfare you can study at universities in e.g. Spain, Canada or Denmark. The practical training is important both for your personal development and your CV. By doing your practical training abroad you show your future employers that you're not afraid of stepping outside your comfort zone in order to obtain new experiences.

Research and Development – already during your studies?

When it comes to research and development we are particularly interested in patient safety, health promotion and social inclusion. Students often participate in research and development projects – by working with teachers and researchers you gain invaluable hands-on knowledge already during your study time.

Within the area of patient safety our department is a forerunner in simulation pedagogics, IT-based medicine competence, and in the prevention of risks in care regarding human factors. Health promotion is another area of focus where Arcada has a solid competence and the department focuses its RDI activities in this field on preventing impaired work capacity and extending working careers. Within the research area of social involvement, the department focuses on social capital and service development (mental health, child care and elderly care).

Arcada is in a close co-operation with, among others, municipalities, Folkhälsan, Helsinki and Uusimaa’s hospital district, and many universities such as Helsinki University, Riga University and the UAS in Stavanger, Halmstad and Mälardalen.

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