Department of Energy and Materials Technology

What’s the sum of a miniature sized plastics factory, an energy lab, a chemistry lab, over 280 eager engineering students and a number of innovative teachers and researchers in environmental and energy engineering and materials processing technology? Well, the answer is fairly simple: The Department of Energy and Materials Technology at Arcada.
Research and Development – A natural part of your studies

As an engineering student at our department you will be included in serious research, development and innovation activities already before you’ve attained your degree. At our department we believe in students and researchers working side by side in projects that aim to develop everyday practical products and finding hands-on solutions to problems that our world is facing. The projects focus on multifunctional materials and energy efficiency and we always aim to meet the society’s and industry’s needs. We develop new ways of cost-effective energy renovations of buildings and concrete solutions within the fields of health care, social services and energy. We co-operate with e.g. Helsingin Energia, The Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa, Chalmers University of Technology, Umeå University, Dalarna University and The Finnish Real Estate Federation.

Do you want to study or do your practical training abroad?

To study or practice abroad is enriching for you as a student on both a professional and personal level. The experiences gained opens new doors and opportunities. Students at Arcada have many options when it comes to going abroad and conducting part of their studies overseas. As an engineering student you can study at universities in e.g. Germany, Sweden, The Netherlands and Spain. The practical training is important both for your personal development and your CV. By doing your practical training abroad you show your future employers that you are not afraid of stepping outside your comfort zone in order to obtain new experiences.

Support and advice in questions related to your studies

Do you have any questions about your studies? Interested in studying abroad or participating in research, development and innovation projects? If so, contact your program leader. Your teachers and your teacher tutor will also help you in questions related to your studies. You can also always contact your student tutor or Student Services in C3.

Teacher tutors 2018-2019

Materials Processing Technology:

Silas Gebrehiwot

Environmental and Energy Engineering:

Kim Skön
Kim Rancken



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