Business Administration (Swedish)

Qualification awarded: Yrkeshögskoleexamen i företagsekonomi, Tradenom; equivalent to Bachelor of Business Administration
Level of qualification: 1st cycle
Scope: 210 ECTS credits
Duration: 3.5 years
Mode of study: full-time
Language of tuition: Swedish
Programme director: Susanna Fabricius

The education in Business Administration aims at educating both nationally and internationally oriented, innovative persons with an advanced, practical professionalism for the modern commerce and industry. The programme provides you with a solid understanding of the different areas of business administration, skills in methodology and information processing for business development as well as an advanced knowledge within a specialisation option of your choice. The curriculum is complemented by language studies and certain courses are taught in English.

Study environment

The study environment at Arcada Business School is multicultural, open, curious and personal. The teachers are engaged, easily approachable and have strong connections to trade and industry. Many lifelong friendships and valuable contacts to trade and industry have begun at Arcada Business School.

Student exchange

Arcada offers a wide network of exchange schools in most parts of the world and many exiting European countries. We encourage all students to travel abroad for at least one term since exchange provides added value in the form of alternative study opportunities, language skills, international experience and personal growth. In addition we also offer a double degree opportunity in Frankfurt, Germany. This gives you the opportunity to after your degree also earn a German bachelor’s degree.

Research, development and innovation

The research areas of the institution, Digital Marketing and Big Data, have achieved a high status both within Arcada and externally. This means that you as a student at Arcada Business School can participate in various research projects and that the studies are connected to these research areas.


Within the context of the education we collaborate with several enterprises in the region, and as a student you can perform actual assignments for these. We also have trainee openings within our partner enterprises which often lead on to employment after the practical training period. Within logistics Arcada and Hanken School of Economics collaborate.

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