Department of Business Management and Analytics

Exciting opportunities, a truly international atmosphere and business contacts are key when it comes to the degree programmes within The Department of Business Management and Analytics. Here you will find over 700 BBA and engineering students that are preparing themselves for the modern business world.

At our department we aim to educate students that are capable of working both nationally and internationally, innovative and hold advanced practical knowledge. We follow the Arcada Business School-concept, which implies that our students in Business Administration and International Business (In English) co-operate actively during the first year.

Research and Development – Already during your studies?

At our department researchers, teachers and students work side by side in different research, development and innovation projects. We aim to produce solutions for the business world and co-operate with various companies. One of our new priority areas is business development and information analysis.

Studying or practicing abroad?

To study or practice abroad is enriching for you as a student on both a professional and personal level. The experiences gained opens new doors and opportunities. Students at Arcada have different options when it comes to going abroad and conducting part of their studies overseas. As a student in business and information technology you can study at universities in e.g. Spain, Austria and Denmark. The practical training is important both for your personal development and your CV. By doing your practical training abroad you show your future employers that you are not afraid of stepping outside your comfort zone in order to obtain new experiences.

Support and advice in questions related to your studies

Arcada is in a close co-operation with, among others, municipalities, Folkhälsan, Helsinki and Uusimaa’s hospital district, and many universities such as Helsinki University, Riga University and the UAS in Stavanger, Halmstad and Mälardalen.

Support and advice in questions related to your studies

Do you have any questions about your studies? Interested in studying abroad or participating in research, development and innovation projects? If so, contact amanuensis Hanne Karlsson. Your teachers and your teacher tutor will also help you in questions related to your studies. You can also always contact your student tutor or Student Services in C3.

Teacher tutors 

Arcada Business School (Business administration, International Business):
Linn Hongell: all year 1 students

Christel Willför: all students year 2 upwards

Magnus Westerlund and Hanne Karlsson (amanuensis)
All students

Quality council

Each department has a quality council which is appointed by and reports to the heads of each department. The quality councils have replaced the former department councils and are responsible for quality monitoring regarding teaching, research and the community impact of the department. The councils' duties include the organisation of the quality monitoring of the departments and to compile reports on how the quality work is developed.

Quality councils consist of five people. Two are chosen from among each department's teaching and research staff, two from the students of the department and each department's amanuensis. The council's mandate period is two academic years.

The head of department appoints student members after consulting the student union. A staff member serves as the chairperson of the council.

The composition of the quality council for the mandate period 1.8.2017–31.7.2019

The Department of Business Management and Analytics

  • Chairperson: Principal Lecturer Niklas Eriksson 
  • Other member from staff: Senior Lecturer Jonny Karlsson 
  • Amanuensis: Hanne Karlsson 
  • Student: Jani Räisänen 
  • Student: Emilia Riikonen

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